The Russian Diamond Industry Celebrates Its Jubilee Anniversary

With 2500 employees, over 600,000 carats manufactured a year, a sales turnover of more than 534 million dollars (2012), 53 points of sale in Russia and 5 marketing branches abroad, Kristall is celebrating 50 years of sensible operations that took it through decades under Communist regime, followed by the tumult of perestroika and now, its participation in the volatile, competitive capitalist world.

A lot of water has flowed in the Dneiper since the Soviet government decided to establish a diamond factory in Smolensk, 1350 kilometers west of Moscow. It was 1961, two years before the new factory - Kristall Production Corporation (KPC) - would present its first Russian Make diamond. Another 50 years would pass until Kristall’s celebration, with great festivity and grandeur and attended by notables from all corners of the world, the jubilee anniversary of the founding of the Russian diamond industry. It could take pride in a total - so far - of 80 million polished diamonds, weighing a total of 9.3 million carats (approximately 2000 kg.).