Kristall retains the status of the Diamond Trading Company (DTC) sightholder

Kristall Production Corporation from Smolensk, Russia once again confirmed its status of the Diamond Trading Company (DTC), the marketing arm of De Beers. The process of the applicants’ selection took more than 1.5 years according to a variety of criteria – from manufacturing and technological abilities, financial standing, marketing and sales to environmental and social issues and responsibilities. Kristall became Sightholder of the De Beers marketing division in 1998. it is the first and sole Russian diamond cutting and polishing enterprise that obtained the right to purchase rough diamonds from the oldest distributor in the world. Kristall was established in 1963 as a parent enterprise to the system of diamond cutting and polishing factories. Today, it is it largest natural diamond processing enterprise in Russia, known all over the world by its unique product – the “Russian Make” diamonds. In 2010, Kristall’s sales amounted more than $490 million. For the first nine months of 2011 the sales amounted more than $490 million.