Smolensk Kristall celebrated its 45th anniversary on 22-23rd of May

On Thursday-Wednesday, May 22-23, festive arrangements were held in Smolensk, that are dedicated to Smolensk Kristall Production Corporation 45th anniversary. 
  Smolensk Kristall is the major Russian polished diamonds manufacturer set up in 1963, it was the first enterprise of that kind in the country at that time. The company has created a broad international trade network, gaining a wide clientele in major international diamond centers and therefore is the leading Russian exporter of polished diamonds.  For the celebration of Kristall Production Corporation jubilee leaders of Russian diamond industry as well as from the whole world had gathered in Smolensk on May 22. Among them there were officials of leading companies, institutions and organizations of diamond industry: suppliers, clientele and partners of the Corporation, representatives of corresponding ministries and departments, state and authoritative structures. 
  At the ceremonial meeting that was dedicated to the jubilee of the enterprise Mr. M. Shkadov, who is currently serving as the Director General of Smolensk Kristall Production Corporation, the president of the Russian Diamond Manufacturers Association, Vice President of the International Diamond Manufacturers Association (IDMA), said the welcoming speech. He said that Kristall celebrates its 45th jubilee having got impressive trade experience. Overall 2007 sales of Kristall Smolensk on the international and domestic markets increased 13% to $404, 4 million compared to $358, 2 million in 2006. Smolensk craftsmen of diamond polishing are eager to fulfill ambitious task that is to increase sales of Smolensk diamond manufacturing companies up to 1 billion U.S. dollars. 
  The labor biography of the plant has become common for several generations of Smolensk citizens who made an important contribution to its formation and development. At the solemn meeting a lot of workers were awarded for long and conscientious labor with awards of different ranks: government, regional and municipal ones. 
  The ceremonial meeting culminated in concert of Valeriy Meladze, who is a star of domestic show business. 
The celebrations ended on May 23 with wide concert program for employees and guests of the enterprise. There were concerts of Russian folk ensemble “Zolotoye Koljtso”, humorous duet “Novye russkie babki” and the band “Mirage”, whose last performance ended with festive fireworks, consisting of 45 volleys.