17 Sept 2009 - 12:00

The International Youth Football Tournament under the auspices of Kristall Production Corporation took place from the 8th to the 10th of September 2009 in Smolensk. The competition was organized in honour of Alexander Shkadov, an outstanding figure in the Russian diamond industry. Under his management (1988-1999) Smolensk Kristall became the major polished diamond manufacturer in Russia. He was at the roots of the company’s global sales network, and a marketing system which made Russian Cut diamonds competitive in the world market. Mr. Shkadov was the first president of the Russian Diamond Manufacturers Association. This year the annual Tournament took part the youth teams from Germany, Belarus, Russia (“Lokomotiv”(Moscow) and combined team of Smolensk. The final game was played on September 10th, 2009. A team from Belarus became the winner of the Tournament.



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