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Top view
Princess Cut Diamonds Top view
Pavillion view
Princess Cut Diamonds Pavillion view
Side view
Princess Cut Diamonds Side view

The Princess-cut diamond is a diamond of a square (more rarely – of an orthogonal) shape with pointed angles. The Princess-cut is deemed to be of a higher-level technological stage of the development of older cut-shapes that existed in the previous century. Today, it is by all means the second the second diamond by popularity after the Round Brilliant.

By form, the Princess-cut diamond resembles a pyramid and ideally fits into a rough diamond of a regular octahedral form. Owing to this, the loss of the initial weight of the stone in the process of manufacturing is very low, and this favourably manifests itself in the diamond’s price: with comparable weight, the Princess diamond will cost substantially less than a Round Brilliant.

However, such difference in price does not mean that the brilliance of a Princess diamond is less appealing. The majority of the existing fancy cuts cannot compare with a Round Brilliant in their shine and luster. The Princess, however, specially developed in such a way, so that to maximally approach the round cut in this respect. Unlike the round cut, the bulk of the weight of a Princess-cut diamond is concentrated in the pavilion, the lower part of the diamond. That is why the brilliance of the stone comes out of the depth of the diamond creating a dazzling attractive effect. Besides, all these iridescent flashes of light and magical glimmering become more expressive and inimitable together with the increase if the weight and dimensions of the stone.

Due to their regular geometry, the Princess-cut diamonds are widely and willingly. Engagement and wedding rings, either with a single stone, or with several diamonds, along with the so-called tennis bracelets, are the most widespread jewellery pieces with Princess-cut diamonds

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