Old Mine Brilliant Polished Diamonds­­­­

Top view
Old Mine Cut Diamonds Top view
Pavillion view
Old Mine Cut Diamonds Pavillion view
Side view
Old Mine Cut Diamonds Side view

The antique Old Mine cut designed in the 18th century is one of the earliest variants of the so-called brilliant cut. This diamond has all the facets typical to the contemporary round brilliant cut, but they have different arrangement and dimensions. By its form, the Old Mine diamond is not round; it has curved edges, thanks to which outwardly it appears as a smoothen square.

The characteristic features of the Old Mine diamond are a small table, a high crown and a big culet. Due to this configuration the stone visually looks bigger as it is in reality.

Originally, the Old Mine cut diamonds were made virtually by hand therefore, they usually did not yield the sale luster and fire as present-day polished. An ample quantity of these stones have been incrusted into the Great Imperial Crown of the Russian Empire kept today in the Diamond Fund of the Russian Federation.

The Old Mine diamonds polished with the use of state-of-the-art technologies distinguish themselves by a more perfect form, better facet geometry and miraculous fire, at the same time carrying a mystical message of contacting the olden times.

Today, one may come across these stones in rare and exclusive diamond jewellery with creating an impression of nobleness, exclusivity and a refined style. Old Mine cut diamonds look perfect in rings as solitaire stones, as well as a central diamond surrounded by smaller round brilliants.

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