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Marquise Cut Diamond Shape

Marquise Brilliant Polished Diamonds­­­­

Top view
Marquise Cut Diamonds Top view
Pavillion view
Marquise Cut Diamonds Pavillion view
Side view
Marquise Cut Diamonds Side view

The shape named “Marquise” is an elegant diamond of a prolonged shuttle-like form tapering off at the ends and visually resembling a small boat. There is a legend according to which the stone got its name in honour of the beaming smile of the favourite of Louis XIV – Marquise de Pompadour. Presented to the public several centuries ago, this diamond today is regarded as classical and indeed a true royal diamond.

Marquise-cut diamonds are often made of prolonged diamond crystals, as this allows saving the weight and size of the natural mineral to the maximum. As a result, we have an elegant polished diamond visually perceived bigger than it is in reality: the Marquise cut allows to magnify the stone visually thus creating an illusion of a bigger diamond.

Marquise-cut diamonds are not as expensive as the traditional round brilliants, the loss of the original weight of the latter being much higher. However, it does not mean that the brilliance of the Marquise diamond is less appealing. Owing to the accurate arrangement of its symmetrical facets, by form resembling an elongated round brilliant, the Marquise cut possesses excellent shine and dazzling luster.

The Marquise cut tellingly appears in a diamond ring both as a single solitaire stone as well as surrounded by smaller diamonds of a round and pear-shaped forms smoothing out its tapered corners. The elongated form of the Marquise diamond confers an effect of thin and elegant fingers to the hand of its owner.

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