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Emerald Cut Diamond Shape

Emerald Brilliant Polished Diamonds­­­­

Top view
Emerald Cut Diamonds Top view
Pavillion view
Emerald Cut Diamonds Pavillion view
Side view
Emerald Cut Diamonds Side view

The Emerald cut is a step-like orthogonal form with truncated corners. The Emerald is commonly used by jewellers and is regarded as a rather popular classical fancy cut.

This cut is applied to larger rough diamonds, with the best characteristics of colour and clarity as owing to large, open facets it is practically impossible to hide even the smallest inclusions.

The Emerald-cut diamond possesses unique optical properties. Although to some extent it gives way to the Round Brilliant or Princess cuts in light refraction and sparkle, thanks to its shape this diamond leaves them behind as far as the power and brilliance of the returned light flux are concerned. All the light falling onto the stone is reflected back – in wide and bright flashes.

The exquisite and elegant shape of the Emerald-cut diamond is always a symbol of superior taste, wealth and high social status. This is precisely why jewellery pieces with these diamonds are regarded chosen not only by delicate ladies but also by successful men of all ages.

Emerald-cut diamonds are frequently encountered in large class rings, which emphasize the size and clarity of these stones. They are also often encrusted into rings and earrings, in many cases in combination with other diamond shapes.

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