Cushion Cut Diamond Shape

Cushion Brilliant Polished Diamonds­­­­

Top view
Cushion Cut Diamonds Top view
Pavillion view
Cushion Cut Diamonds Pavillion view
Side view
Cushion Cut Diamonds Side view

The Cushion diamond is an elegant and unusual shape combining round and rectangular contours. The girdle of the, with four rounded corners and bowed sides, has a form of a sofa pad – the thing that has motivated its name.

The Cushion diamonds may be square with even proportions of length and width, but more often they are slightly elongated. The cushion diamond has been well-known and popular for already several centuries. Diamonds of this shape gained the widest spread in the Baroque epoch, however, in recent years, they again started to grow in popularity. They are also called “candle-light diamonds”, thus rendering tribute to those bygone times of dim candle illumination in which the brilliance of Cushion diamonds was especially dazzling.

The Cushion cut is an interesting alternative to the accustomed shapes of the Oval and “Princess cuts. By means of the diamond’s special parameters and geometry, it possesses a unique ability to retain and enlighten its colour. That is why this is the shape as a rule used for fancy colour diamonds. Owing to their rarity, diamonds of this cut may be an ideal choice for people who want to be in possession of an individual product.

Cushion-cut diamonds look perfectly in rings and earrings as self-consistent elements, however, they make a harmonious combination with polished diamonds of other cuts – for example with Round Brilliants of Pear-shapes.

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