Brilliant Cushion Polished Diamonds­­­­

Top view
Brilliant Cushion Cut Diamonds Top view
Pavillion view
Brilliant Cushion Cut Diamonds Pavillion view
Side view
Brilliant Cushion Cut Diamonds Side view

The Brilliant Cushion cut has been designed by Kristall specialist creative team. This diamond cut integrates elements of the classic Round Brilliant, and one of the most popular fancy cuts – Cushion. In essence, it is a modified Round Brilliant combining round and square-cut contours, which aid to save the original weight of the rough stone, at the same time retaining its high quality and appealing sparkle.

The 57 facets of this gem-stone demonstrate magnificent reflecting power, together with the ability to transmit the deepness of a diamond’s colour. That is why this cut is particularly suitable for large stones, and ideal for fancy-colour diamonds.

The Brilliant Cushion diamonds are manufactured in “limited editions”. Due to their rarity they appear as an ideal choice for real connoisseurs of exclusive pieces. This cut will look harmoniously in diamond rings and earrings, both as an independent element, and in combination with other diamond cuts.

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