Polished diamonds manufactured at Kristall are products of genuine excellence. The notion of “excellence” applies to all the aspects of the company’s activities – manufacturing, marketing and sales, corporate policies, human resources, etc. These diamonds are cut and polished according to the standards representing a combination of ideal parameters and symmetry, to say nothing of an excellent polish. This is the highest industry standard, as well as the highest mark given by the leading world gemological laboratories.


The quality of the cut includes symmetry, proportions and polish. There are several systems that define quality of the cut. The most common is worked out by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), although there are some other systems of minor expansion.

Kristall employs its own proprietory quality standards, which are much stricter than their overseas analogues. That is why according to their requirements, all the diamonds manufactured at Kristall are always graded as “excellent”.

Special attention has always been paid to the quality control of the products, which is ensured by the historically tested and perfected in-house policies and standards. These policies and standards guided by stringent technological requirements and perfectly fit in the domestic and international quality control systems. The quality of our polished diamonds has won the highest appreciation all over the world.


A polished diamond passes from the polisher to the grader of this tiny work of art to ascertain the high quality of the cut, depending on the symmetry, proportions and polish. In rarest cases, the stone which does not meet the standards goes back for reworking.

Provided all the parameters comply with the corporate quality standards, the diamond passes to the grading section where key elements such as size, colour, clarity and cut are graded. When some defects are discovered, a polished diamond is returned for rework to undergo again all the stages of evaluation and grading.

The next step is the so-called commercial sorting group, whose task is to one more time evaluate all the parameters of the diamond, and start forming commercial parcels – the final operation before the products are delivered to the customer.

The process of forming the parcels is supervised by sales experts, who in their turn perform one more check on every polished diamond before shipping. All these procedures combined inspire our clients with the feeling of absolute confidence in the goods they purchase.


In the process of creating a perfect polished diamond, the Kristall craftsmen use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, including those developed within the company. Sophisticated CAD-control systems are used to ensure that all the elements of a diamond, each facet and angle strictly conform to most demanding requirements of the market, for the benefit of the company, the industry, and of course, the final consumer.


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