The colour of a diamond is the degree of its colourlessness, the less hue possesses the stone – the better it is perceived by the viewer, the more expensive it is valued.

Polished diamonds – from colourless to yellowish or yellowish brown – are grouped into categories briefly described below. Well-trained professionals perform the colour grading procedure – by way of comparing a specific diamond to master stones.

Fancy coloured diamonds (blue, red, pink, and others) are very rarely found, and require an entirely different grading system – from Faint and Very Light to Fancy Deep and Fancy Vivid. Higher grade fancy diamonds have a greater monetary value.

At Kristall a unique and proprietary patented system of diamond grading is employed. It’s corresponding to the GIA’s standards is shown below:

  Kristall's Standard GIA Description
  0.29 cts. and less 0.30 cts. and up
1 1 D Top colourless
2 E Colourless
3 F With slightly visible yellowish, greenisch hue
3-1 With slightly visible brownish, grey hue
2 4 G With minor yellowish, greenisch hue
4-1 With minor brownish, grey hue
5 H With little yellowish, greenisch hue
5-1 With little brownish, grey hue
3 6 I With visible yellow, green hue
6-1 With visible brownish, grey hue
7 J With clearly visible yellow, green, lemony hue
7-1 With clearly visible brownish, grey hue
4 8-1 K Very faintly coloured yellows, includig those with minor green, lemony hue
7 8-1-1 Very faintly coloured greys or browns
4 8-2 L Faintly coloured yellows, includig those with minor green, lemony hue
7 8-2-1 Faintly coloured greys or brown
5 8-3 M Lightly coloured yellows, includig those with minor green, lemony hue
8 8-3-1 Lightly coloured greys or browns
5 8-4 N Light yellows, includig those with minor green, lemony hue
8 8-4-1 Greys or browns
6 8-5 O Yellows, includig those with minor green, lemony hue
9 8-5-1 Dark greys, browns, blacks


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