For diamonds, as well as for the majority of other natural minerals, inclusions, imperfections or blemishes are quite common. Depending on their character, location and degree of manifestation, polished diamonds are categorized by clarity grades.

In the process of the expert grading, the quantity, size and location of the inclusions and their appearance (colourless, coloured, garish, and dark), their nature (blisters, crystals, fractures) and type (dotted, diffused, large) are to be determined. The less inclusions a stone has – the more valuable it is.

However, one must bear in mind, that the presence of characteristic inclusions has one very important positive aspect: they are an unambiguous indication of the natural origin of the stone. It is no secret, that today, enormous amounts of synthetic diamonds are being grown, part of them getting but and polished, and is used in the jewellery industry. The absence of characteristic inclusions is one of the signs assuming that the diamond has an artificial origin. 

Moreover, a huge number of diamond treatment techniques have been developed and are actively used: colour enhancement, inclusion elimination, and fracture filling.

Smolensk Kristall guarantees that all the polished diamonds it manufactures are neither synthetic, nor treated.

  Kristall's Standard GIA Description

0.29cts. and less

0.30cts. and up

1 1 FL Without inclusions and outer flows
2 2 IF Without inclusions
3 3 VVS1 Minute inclusions very hardly visible under 10X magnification
4 VVS2
4 5 VS1 Light and dark inclusions clearly visible under 10X magnification
6 VS2 Light and dark inclusions comparatively easily visible under 10X magnification
5 7 SI1 Light and dark inclusions easily detectable under 10X magnification
6 8 SI2 Light and dark inclusions easily detectable under 10X magnification including those visible by unaided eye
7 9 I1 Inclusions visible by unaided eye, affecting a diamond's transparency, brilliance and resistance to damage
8 10 I2
9 11 I3
­­ 10 12 Rej. Inclusions badly affecting a diamond's transparency, brilliance and resistance to damage. A completely opaque diamond.


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