Kristall Production Corporation is constantly adapting its marketing and sales policies to the realias and challenges of the present-day diamond market. As part of this creative process, in our efforts to provide a wider range of services to our clients, we implement
the programme of tender and auction sales.

The goods offered for sale through tender and auction sessions, as a rule, are polished diamonds over 2 carats in weight, both round brilliants and fancy cuts. Exclusive fancy colour diamonds are also offered for sale.

For the convenience of our clients, we organize inspections of the offered lots in our overseas offices in BELGIUM, HONG KONG and
NEW YORK. Announcements of the dates of the forthcoming tenders, as well as specifications of the goods to be offered will be published here, as well as in the PRESS ROOM section of our website.

To participate, it is necessary to contact to the tender coordinator, specifying the place, date and time of the goods’ inspection,
most convenient to you.

The deadlines of the applications and dates of the envelopes’ opening will be indicated in the announcement for each of the tenders.
The tender participants have the right to make their bids in written form right after the inspection or e-mail them to the tender coordinator.

The winner is the participant who gives the highest bid. In the event of a tie, the tender organizer will contact the parties involved and
will suggest possible methods of resolution. The final decision on the sale of any lot remains with the organizer.

The organizer and the successful tenderer shall enter into a contract in the established procedure and additionally agreed time-frame
by Kristall Production Corporation.

The successful tenderer shall transfer the appropriate amount within five working days of the date of the invoice. If the payment
is not received within the abovementioned five working days, then Kristall Production Corporation may without notice award the goods
to another party, without prejudice to any claim Kristall Production Corporation may have against the defaulting tenderer.

The shipment will be effected by the organizer with all expenses, taxes, custom duties, transport, insurance, etc.

The dates of the next tenders to be announced.

In case you may have any inquiries please do not hesitate to contact our Chief Tender Coordinator:

Mr. Alexander Chikov
Tel:  +7 4812 20 7026
Mob: +7 910 789 5898


2 Shkadov Street, Smolensk, 214031, Russian Federation  

Tel.: +7 4812 20 01 00 / Fax: +7 4812 20 70 00

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