Smolensk Kristall is the company whose principal activity drivers are based on three inseparable components: premium-class product, client services and human resources.

The key direction of our activities is not just large-scale manufacturing of high-quality polished diamonds, but the creation, by the touch of talented craftsmen, of a unique product that fully unfolds the genuine naturalness and singularity concealed in a rough diamond.

We do not compare ourselves to other manufacturers; we do not strive to look better. The only thing we want is to outperform ourselves. We just want to be better than we were yesterday, day after day, stone after stone, job after job. That is all we can promise!


We use only natural rough diamonds, obtained from legal sources, in full conformity with international and industry ethical norms of conducting fair and transparent business.

Being one of the largest polished diamonds manufacturers in the world, we ensure direct access to the comprehensive range of our products to our clients. We are capable of manufacturing various diamond cuts, the company’s stock is constantly replenished; in it, there is no secondary or used before products, so the client always gets the goods “first-hand”.

However, the main characteristic of the Smolensk polished diamonds is that they in fact are top-make products – not a single parameter needs any further perfecting. The Smolensk diamonds always hit the target, thus facilitating the implementation of our clients’ ideas and wishes.

The Pure Diamonds made in Smolensk are certainly products of the highest price category, of the “premium” class, its synonyms being the notion of «Top Make» or «Triple Excellent». This is the highest industry standard, as well as the highest estimation by the leading world gemological laboratories.


During our half-century history, we have perfectly mastered, and still carry on observing and following the specific traditions and behavioral patterns used among the diamond market players. It is the natural order of things that the business and partner relations with our clients, based on mutual benefit, gradually transform into longstanding personal friendship grounded on shared confidence and respect.

While developing the relations with our clients we do not stand still, we timely react to the dynamic changes of the ambient environment; we offer most advantageous conditions and terms in every current specific situation. Superiority of products, undoubtedly, implies superiority of services.

Smolensk Kristall enjoys blameless reputation and trust of its partners, being a reliable supplier and fulfilling all the clients’ requests and demands just-in-time. As a rule, we always do for our clients more than they expect to receive.


Our personnel are highest-level professionals, at any stage of the manufacturing process.

We are constantly training and developing our personnel. Kristall carries out a continuous process of investing and implementing the latest state-of-the-art technologies and equipment into production, including unique proprietory developments.

Our employees treat their work lovingly. As a rule, our people devote all their life to their career and company. Kristall’s corporate ethics and traditions have developed over a period of several generations.
Our people easily adapt to the conditions of the fast changing environment, thus demonstrating their strengths, ability to survive in critical situations, as well as swift recovery after any recession. The employees of the company are our principal value, and even in serious moments our paramount task has always been to retain our personnel, to carry on the traditions and to maintain the continuity of the production.


2 Shkadov Street, Smolensk, 214031, Russian Federation  

Tel.: +7 4812 20 01 00 / Fax: +7 4812 20 70 00


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