Life is a continuous journey and a diamond is the ultimate gift of love.

Our dedication to excellence and unparalleled commitment to our clients has defined the Smolensk Kristall journey for over 50 years. This journey – which we also call ‘The Smolensk Way’ – forms the cornerstone of everything we do: our values, our plans for achieving our objectives and our engagement with the principles of sustainable development.

We strongly believe that the values and aspirations of our journey should be applied in all contexts, regions, cultures and business situations. This is a guide for all employees of Smolensk Kristall as well as defining the relationships with our various stakeholders.

Smolensk Kristall is also a product-driven company. The devotion for the product and the continuing strive for perfection runs through our veins. We believe that our focus on the product is the best recipe for stability, quality, confidence, sustainable growth and, last but not least, client satisfaction.

Smolensk Kristall wants to contribute to a better world to work and live in. We ask ourselves how we can improve the world around us with every decision we make and every action we take. By managing the total value chain of our business, we want to enable sustainable growth for everyone relying on us, including employees, clients, suppliers and investors. We choose to create a business environment that is reliable, strong, transparent and brilliant at the same time. Just like a perfectly cut diamond.


2 Shkadov Street, Smolensk, 214031, Russian Federation  

Tel.: +7 4812 20 01 00 / Fax: +7 4812 20 70 00

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