More than half a century ago, Kristall Production Corporation was established in Smolensk as the pioneer of the Russian diamond cutting and polishing industry. Today, it is the largest manufacture of this kind in Europe employing more than 2,000 people.

The history of the contemporary Russian diamond industry started in 1955, when the first Yakutian rough diamonds were discovered. In 1961, the USSR Council of Ministers decided to establish the first diamond-processing operation in the country – the Smolensk factory. That was the beginning of the mass-scale polished diamond manufacturing in the country, in fact the birth of a brand new industry.

On the 1st of March 1963, the Smolensk Diamond Factory was founded under the Ministry of Finance. Only 18 days later, the first lot of polished diamonds left the factory premises.

The factory for many years was managed by its first director, Igor Sudovsky. He was a talented leader and a very qualified specialist. By that time, a whole system of seven diamond-processing operations has been formed – the all-Union Kristall Production Corporation – with the Smolensk factory in the lead, the latter being named after the title of the entire manufacturing amalgamation.

In 1988, Alexander Shkadov became the new head of Kristall. New progressive technologies, modern equipment and high-tech instruments were developed.

In 1992, Kristall received government authorization to market its products independently in the international market and successfully sold its first box of goods overseas. This was a revolutionary step in the further development of the Russian diamond industry at large.

Owing to Shkadov’s efficient management, Smolensk Kristall expanded its production to reach new levels of quality manufacturing during the difficult years of post-Soviet political and economic transition.

Since then Kristall has been an active player in the international polished diamonds market, started the formation of its international distribution network. It was due to his efforts that the company became the first and sole Russian Sightholder of De Beers.

In 1998, Yuri Rebrik was appointed General Director of the corporation. Increased competition in the global diamond market demanded new products, new distribution and marketing approaches. Kristall expanded its global trade network to cover all major international diamond markets. The changing business environment drove the company to strengthen its partner relations with the suppliers of rough diamonds and with the vast clientele.

In 2005, Maxim Shkadov became General Director and CEO of the open Joint Stock Company Kristall Production Corporation. It was then that the company launched a program of developing a new product promotion strategy with an individual approach to every specific regional market.

Due to the superior quality of the goods and the company’s focus on the premium market segment, Kristall proved to be resistant to the fluctuations of the international market, flexible to the cyclic ups and downs of the world economy, and viable in the ever changing business environment. During the 2008-2009 recession and its 2012-2013 repercussions, the company managed to preserve its market position, financial standing, reputation, manufacturing capacities and skilled personnel.

The company’s scale, a state-of-the-art production facility, strong workforce and highest-quality products, account for the fact that the ancient city of Smolensk is by right regarded as the Diamond Capital of Russia.

In 2013, the company celebrated its 50th Anniversary – a historical time-mark for the entire Russian diamond industry.

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